Yes we do, but for a large heavy item like the items we sell it is difficult to accurately quote shipping on our site. To provide the best value to you we handle international orders through messages on a case by case basis. Please message us on the contact page!

Once we receive your order we will finalize build details with you and ask any additional questions if need be. When we have all the information we need we will move the enclosure to production.

Due to the custom nature of these enclosures, the lead times are as follows:

Stages 1/2:  17-22 business days

Stages 3/4:  23-28 business days

One off custom order: Quoted at that time.

Of course, we do our best to be faster than the above quoted lead times.

We will provide a tracking number once your order has shipped.

Amp racks and speaker bundles will ship within 7-10 business days.

Yes! We offer a full line of subwoofer and amplifier options. To include subwoofers with your under seat enclosure please scroll down on the enclosure page to view avaliable equipment add-ons. Too add amplifiers purchase the amp rack enclosure add on (which adds the amp rack to your enclosure) or the amp rack plate integration kit (which provides a unique mounting solution for your new amps).

The enclosure will have to be rebuilt, at your expense. We do not build “generic” enclousures that will fit a range of subwoofers.

Absolutely! For additional requests like acrylic viewing windows, lighting, and other requests that are not included or listed in the item descriptions please list any additonal requests in your order. We reserve the right to quote the additional requests on a case by case basis if need be.

Yes! In order to have us build an amp rack into your custom under seat enclosure please select the amp rack enclosure add on on the enclosure page. Please note that we can only add this to sealed enclosures.

The underseat area of trucks isn’t always the largest space in the world. In order to obtain enough air volume for a ported enclosure we cannot use the space for add on upgrades like an amplifier rack.

Anything you have seen in our pictures can be done for your project. The best way to get the process started is to place an order. We always email you first to finalize details and can discuss your request then. We reserve the right to quote added changes to the enclosure. The best way to get your enclosure into the que is to place an order.

As these are 100% built to order, the only refund that will be honored is on the shipping itself.